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My name is Mike Kraft, and I’m a leadership coach.  I believe leadership has little to do with one's title or position in a corporate hierarchy.  Instead, leadership reveals itself in the behaviors that a person exhibits in all arenas of life.

When people choose to work with me, I help them make changes that lead to greater satisfaction at work and in their most important relationships.


My clients are hard working, influential, and respected professionals.  They want to continually improve, and they believe in seeking other perspectives to accelerate their growth.   

They may be looking for insights about how to most effectively address difficult team dynamics.  Some of them struggle to hold crucial conversations, even when they're aware of the costs of not talking.  Others feel guilty about saying no and run the risk of burnout from trying to do it all.

 If any of these resonate for you...If you’re looking for powerful insights and tailored growth strategies, let's schedule an initial conversation to see whether I may be able to help.  You can reach me at 303-598-3470.