Many of our most enduring problems are caused by a seeming inability to talk about them.  Rather than engage in an open-minded dialogue, people become defensive and self-protective; they resort to shame, blame, and other counter-productive tactics - all the while claiming the moral high ground.  Alternatively, they insist to third parties that they've "tried everything" and talking more is "just not worth it".  In organizations, this failure to communicate is incredibly expensive - and entirely avoidable.  

When people and organizations are stuck, a typical response is to double down on whatever has gotten them to this point.  This often ensures a perpetuation of the current problem - as well as the onset of others, including disillusionment and turnover among key employees.

I work differently to create conversational spaces for people to probe the intricate web of issues that they haven't previously.  In these spaces, we focus on curiosity, inquiry, and creativity. The result: clients can address the undiscussables that often block their most sincere efforts to achieve high performance or "take it to the next level". ​​

Clients of Kraft Consulting Group get the benefit of my experience (20 years of coaching, facilitation, and training in a variety of organizations and industries) and my unique insights into what motivates people to perform at their best.​  Read on to learn about our services, and then contact KCG today.





Microscope in Laboratory


The role of a physician in the United States has undergone rapid transformation in recent decades.  The sole practitioner no longer can focus exclusively on direct patient care, and many other iterations of what it means to be a physician have emerged; these include physician entrepreneur, physician administrator, and physician leader.  The choices, the complexity, and the pressure are tremendous.  

I work with physicians of all types to gain the insights and develop the behaviors that bring greater clarity and fulfillment.