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Can Conflict Be Good?

Updated: May 6, 2022

Does your executive leadership team (ELT) lack healthy conflict skills?

Perhaps people in ELT meetings politely defer to one another’s area of expertise – even when they disagree – lest conflict ensue.

Or if someone raises a sensitive topic, the leader who “owns” that issue shuts down the questioner while everyone else goes silent.

Maybe the most critical issues for ELT to discuss regularly get pushed to the waning minutes of the meeting when there’s not enough time to make important decisions.

If your ELT members don’t know how to have productive conflict – or if they don’t trust one another enough to step into conflict, I’d encourage you to estimate the cost to your organization of unhealthy conflict.

I’m curious: how much are “undiscussables” costing you?

Share your thoughts or reach out for assistance.

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